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July 23, 2018
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4 Foundations Flops (and How to Avoid them)

The prime(r) crime

You’ve probably been living your life as though you don’t need primer. Until…you used primer. Don’t skip primer – it’s what makes the difference between a face that looks fine and a face that’s DAYUM fine! Primer evens out your skin and reduces the appearance of small lines and imperfections. It allows your foundation to hold on for longer. Not sure where to start? Try out CATRICE Prime and Fine Pore Refine Anti-Shine Base.

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Wait a minute…

Applying your foundation when your moisturizer is still, well…moist, is a big no-no. Applying foundation before it dries could result in a blotchy or streaky effect, whether you’re using liquid or powder foundation.

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Finger lickin’ not-so-good

Many of us use our fingers to apply foundation, but the truth is, it’s not ideal. It’s harder to get a smooth, even look, and you’re more likely to wind up with streaks when you use your fingers. Plus, using your finger transfers oils to your face and can cause you to break out.

Hands off!

How many times have you chosen the wrong shade of foundation? For years, us ladies have been told to match our foundation to our hand or wrist, but how many of us actually have the same shade skin on our face as our hands? Rather: test a little on your jawline and neck – your face receives the most sun exposure and your neck the least, so you need to try find a hue that matches both sufficiently when blended into your skin. And on that note…

Neglecting the neck

Your neck is on display as much as your face, but somehow, we often forget to include it in our make-up regime. To avoid looking like you’re wearing a mask, don’t forget to blend your foundation into your neck.

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