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January 2, 2018
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January 2, 2018

5 Fashion trends that took over in 2017

Choker revival

Many of us thought chokers died back in the late 90s, but 2017 saw these questionable necklaces resurrected. Back then, stretchy plastic chokers seemed to be every angry teenage girl’s favourite accessory; more recently, new life has been breathed into this must-have adornment: the most popular seems to be the multi-level choker – a tighter upper band with a long, low-hanging pendant.

Props: Essence Lipstick 

Brow besotted

While technically not a ‘fashion’ item in the typical sense, there is no doubt that ‘The Eyebrow’ has become every girl’s beauty obsession. This trend began some time ago, but 2017 has seen a surge in the Microblading phenomenon, with Cara Delevingne setting the pace with her face-framing, jealously-inducing, show-stopping brows. (Thankfully, for those of us not genetically or financially #blessed, eyebrow powder and gel exists!)

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Blush bomb

New York Fashion Week’s Spring trends this year brought blush back to the catwalk (and into our lives) with a colourful bang. 2017 wisdom: Applying blush with a heavy hand is encouraged (think 80s disco-chic; think Morgan Fairchild), and there is NO such thing as too much highlighter!

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Props: Essence Mosaic Blush Powder 

Bold Lips

Loud, bright, and ultra-glam lips abounded in the year that was. Some things never go out of style – like a classic red lip – but this year, loud lips really made a mark. Our fave bold lip icons of 2017: Emma Stone, who rocked the old Hollywood glam look at the Academy Awards, and Zoe Kravitz, who blew everyone’s collective mind with her red lips and peroxide blonde pixie-crop combo at the premiere of Rough Night.

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Eyelash schizophrenia

In many ways, 2017 was a year of extremes, and beauty trends were no exception. On the one hand, this past year has seen the false eyelash obsession continue to go strong; on the other hand, the runway has seen the ‘no make-up’ and, specifically, ‘no mascara’ trend take the world by storm. For most women, mascara is the thing that ties our whole look together. Many of us feel naked without it! What we’ve learnt, however, is that your face can come alive when you give other features a chance to shine. The naked eyelash + bold lip combo is a match made in catwalk heaven.

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