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January 2, 2018
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Get the Kim Kardashian Look

Let’s Face it Kim’s Make up is Flawless

Most people have an opinion about Kim Kardashian, but one thing’s for sure: Whether you love her or hate her, you can’t help but admire how she puts herself together. Good genetics aside, there are a few things us mere mortals can do to get Kim’s look, and here’s the kicker – you don’t have a celebrity income to make it work!

Foundation Phase

Apply foundation everywhere. Yes, everywhere. That means your entire face (forehead, nose, chin cheeks, and eyelids) as well as your exposed bits – ears, chest, arms, legs, and even your feet. This will give you an incredibly smooth, polished look from top to toe. While a little OTT for work or a regular day, this trick is the best way to be 100% photo-ready for a big night out. Check out L.O.V 12 Hour Moisturizing Foundation or essence Foundation Mousse for a slightly more low-key look, for a face that won’t budge use L.O.V contouring palette.

Get the look

Cover Up

Cover-up dark circles to add to a bright, fresh-looking face. The tried and tested trick, recommended by Kim’s very own makeup artist: Apply a thick layer of concealer under the eyes, but in the shape of an upside-down triangle, brushing out with a concealer brush along the sides of your nose and towards your temples. Finally, blend the edges into your foundation and finish off with a little loose face powder to set. CATRICE Full Coverage Concealer will sort you right out.

Nude, Nude and more Nudes

Contour using a bronzer that isn’t too shockingly different to your natural skin tone, and then go to town with your essence Strobing Highlighter: Apply to the cupid’s bow, chin, and just above the cheekbones. If your skin-type can handle it, add a little dash of golden highlighter (yes, two layers of highlighter) to give your face a warm, Kardashian glow. Here you can use a little essence Pure Nude or Metal Glam Highlighter. Finally, dab a little peach blush (check out essence Silky Touch Blush in Autumn Peach) directly to the apples and blend out to your temples.

Get the look

Mega lash

Mega eyelash mania is a classic part of Kim’s look. While she does get a little help in the form of individual lash extensions, the good news is that there are other ways to achieve the faux-false lash effect. Use essence Lash Princess False Effect Mascara, apply at least 2 coats for extra pop. Separate with a lash brush to nail the fanned-out effect.

Be Bold

Bold brows – the feature that ties Kim’s entire look together. Fill your brows in with essence Browttitude Eyebrow Contouring Palette and set it with a gel or give it a little extra definition with an eyebrow pencil. Boom.

Not sure how to apply L.O.V Browtitude? We’ve got you covered! watch this perfect brow tutorial to see how it’s done.

Final Touch

Nude, dewy lips with just a hint of pink or peach are a Kim staple. essence Shine Shine Shine and Matt Matt Matt Lipgloss are the perfect blends of gloss and colour; the perfect final touch before you step out and reveal your inner celebrity diva.

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