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This Women’s Month With Cindy Nell


Women4Women is a registered NPO and public benefit organization focused on female empowerment and community upliftment. Together, with their dedicated partners and volunteers, they aim to improve the lives of the less fortunate and previously disadvantaged women and children in South Africa.

What better way to celebrate women’s month than with a female empowerment charity.

Official charity for Mrs SA

Mrs South Africa is a lot more than a traditional beauty pageant – it aims to be a life-changing journey not only for the women who enter, but for all the women who are touched by what this organisation aims to achieve. Mrs South Africa is strongly focused on female empowerment and diversity. It is only fitting, therefore, that Mrs South Africa has chosen Women4Women as their official charity as of this year.The Mrs South Africa pageant is strongly aligned to the mission of Women4Women: A non-profit and public benefit organization focused on female empowerment and community upliftment, Women4Women aims to improve the lives of the less fortunate and previously disadvantaged women and children in South Africa and beyond.

The spirit of these organisations is one and the same; their focus as women is to encourage and support one another, and they demonstrate this by working hand in hand, making their shared values visible to the lives they touch. As the saying goes, “Empowered women empower women” – the more this happens, the larger the ripple, and the greater the impact.

This announcement was made recently at an event held on the 26 March celebrating the launch of Women4Women.

Women4Women is powered by Cosmetix in association with Mrs South Africa and Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa. For more information, click here.

They are focused on helping women of all ages and backgrounds in South Africa to become empowered economic contributors, leaders, and influencers. As an independent organisation, they strategically align them selves with partners and organisations whose core focus is empowering South African women through skills development and job creation. Funding will be primarily focused on the provision of bursaries, funding to female entrepreneurs as well as events focused around skills development, business development, and motivation.

Go Cindy!

The founder Cindy Nell, a well-known South-African personality, influencer and co-owner of Women4Women’s main sponsor, Cosmetix, started working on various philanthropic projects in 2003 as Miss South Africa. She discovered that, above all, her true passion and calling in life is seeing the empowerment and upliftment of other women to help them improve their confidence and take control of their future.

“I plan on using my years of experience in the industry and my contacts to do good and give back, they have a moral obligation to help improve our country and economy,” says Cindy.

Women4Women has partnered with the Mrs South Africa Pageant in a female empowerment and upliftment program. Women4Women will be the official beneficiary of the Mrs South Africa annual fundraising ball of 2018. All funds raised will be distributed to community projects focused primarily on job creation for the less fortunate.

They would like to call on businesses and the media to get involved in the movement of empowering women, creating jobs and improving the lives of females from all walks of life in South Africa.

If you or your company feel you may have some means to contribute to their mission, please do not hesitate to contact us (info@women4women.co.za) or visit our website (women4women.co.za) for more information. Alternatively, please get in touch with their PR agency Freebees for more information on their various projects and needs.

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