The No Make-Up Look
December 19, 2017
Summer Beauty Essentials
December 19, 2017

Beauty Hacks

Tired of your lipstick going places it shouldn’t? Lip liner is the easiest way to keep your lipstick from ‘bleeding’, but you can also keep it in place and achieve the ultimate matte finish by lightly dabbing your lipstick-covered lips with translucent powder.

Aint nu’thang better than a wing

Want perfect winged liner, every time? Place a little micro-pore tape at the angle you want your wings to be, apply your wings using liquid liner, and the remove the tape. Voila – you’re ready to make Adele proud!

No Falsies needed

You can get the false lash-look without falsies by applying mascara, then applying a light powder, and applying the mascara again.

Run out of make-up remover? Trusty old Vaseline has your back, and happens to be great at removing stubborn eye make-up.

Neutralize them bags

Too many late nights? Hide dark circles using a peach or orange concealer – this neutralises the dark blueness and also works well for covering up dark pigmentation. Apply in an inverted triangle and then use your foundation over the concealer.

LOV your primer

Primer is the key to getting your make-up to stay put for longer. It acts as a barrier between your skin and your foundation, and fills in fine lines and wrinkles, creating a smoother surface and a more youthful appearance. Check out LOV mattifying primer for long-lasting fabulousness!

Make it pop

If you’re filling in your brows with powder, set them with a brow gel and then use concealer to clean up around the brow to make them pop.

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