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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Hello beautiful ladies. As you know, at Cosmetix we are ALL about women. While our content may usually be centered around beauty, makeup and skincare – today we want to bring your attention to a more serious topic. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers among South African women. According to the Cancer Association of South Africa, the chance of a woman getting cancer is a remarkable one in nine.

Early detection of breast cancer is incredibly crucial in ensuring effective treatment and a positive outcome. That is why today, we want to encourage and educate YOU to find out more about breast cancer. So that you can help not only yourself, but others around you. Around 90% of women who are diagnosed with breast cancer early enough, are able to receive the right treatment and can continue to live a long full life.

Know the Symptoms of Breast Cancer

A painless or hard mass or lump in the breast is often your first symptom of breast cancer. However, it may be possible that initially there are no real noticeable changes. Other signs to look out for are changes to the nipple, nipple tenderness, a rash, a change in the texture of the skin of the breast, an inverted nipple, bloody discharge from the nipple or a lump under the arm.

Breast Cancer Diagnosed

Doctors diagnose breast cancer by performing several tests and procedures. These can include a mammogram, manual breast examination, an ultrasound, an MRI or a biopsy. These tests assist in determining what kind of cancer an individual may have, whether the lump is cancerous and finally to find out if cancer has spread to other parts of the body.

Treating Breast Cancer

Thankfully, there are various treatment options available for the treatment of breast cancer. The initial treatment includes surgery to remove the lump as well as some of the surrounding tissue. Other treatments include a mastectomy (in which the whole breast is removed, or a double mastectomy in which both breasts are removed), the removal of lymph nodes, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and hormone-blocking therapy.

There are also specific drugs available which assist in attacking abnormalities in the cancer cells.

We urge you all to spread awareness around breast cancer (start by sharing this article, booking an annual check-up with your doctor and keeping an eye out for any of the symptoms mentioned above. Sending all our love to those affected ❤️

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