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We’re going bananas for this 3-in-1 loose powder!

We’re about to get our bake on (don’t worry, not in the kitchen!) with CATRICE’s Loose Banana Powder. This multi-functional powder is a true powerhouse for your beauty routine. Not only will it set your makeup for a long-lasting and flawless finish but it will also leave your makeup smooth and seamless with its mattifying properties. They say three’s a charm and that’s exactly what this powder is as it also functions as a colour corrector. We’re definitely going to have our cake and eat it because with CATRICE Loose Banana Powder, we no longer have to worry about dreaded cakey and creased makeup throughout the day! It’s truly bananas how versatile this powder is and we’ve got the low-down as to why you need to add this powder to your beauty routine! 

CATRICE Loose Banana Powder consists of an ultra-fine powder that instantly mattifies the skin leaving you with cake-free makeup and a super-smooth finish. Its slightly yellow tint is the perfect concealer for those prone to redness and blemishes, leaving you with bright and radiant skin. It’s easy to apply using the sponge included and can fit practically anywhere, making it perfect for when you are on-the-go and need a quick touch-up. Not only is the Banana Loose Powder a versatile 3-in-1 product but it’s also safe for the environment and animals with its vegan certification and is free from toxic ingredients such as microplastics, parabens, and perfume, meaning your skin is in safe and healthy hands. It just doesn’t get better than that! 

You are probably wondering what we mean when we say we are baking with CATRICE Banana Loose Powder, right!? Well, baking is a common makeup term referring to the technique used to combat makeup that either disappears throughout the day or ends up creased, especially around the eye area and/or laugh and frown lines – yikes! Baking is especially beneficial to people with oily skin or who live in humid or warm climates as it helps to curb sweat and oil from interfering with your makeup.

Once you have applied your primer, foundation and concealer, the baking can commence. When we refer to baking, it is the application of either a setting or translucent powder to targeted areas around the face that tend to crease over time. Common areas include under your eyes, chin, and the lines that form on the side of your mouth as well as your forehead. After application, let your product “bake” for 5-10 minutes whilst it locks in your makeup in conjunction with your body’s natural body heat. After baking, lightly dust off any remaining or excess powder and apply the rest of your makeup such as your blush, bronzer, highlighter and lips. Step out into the day with confidence knowing your makeup will remain locked-in and flawless throughout the day.  

So what makes the CATRICE Loose Banana Powder different to your normal translucent loose powder used to set your makeup? Well, conventional translucent powder comes with a white tint that helps to mattify and absorb excess oil whilst setting your make-up but can leave you susceptible to a white, ghost-like finish if too much powder is used or if it is not applied correctly when baking. This is especially noticeable when images are taken with the camera flash on, which will unforgivingly highlight your makeup as chalky and powdery. With the Banana Loose Powder, the yellow tint helps to correct your colour and conceal blemishes and redness whilst still mattifying and setting your make-up in place for an all-day, flawless makeup look.

Banana powders are commonly used for highlighting too as well as to brighten certain areas of the face (especially under the eyes), thus its very popular amongst individuals with darker skin tones. However, this powder is versatile and can work on any skin tone thanks to its subtle nature that works with your skin’s undertones to warm the skin up. With its natural tint and fine consistency, essence Banana Loose Powder also helps to achieve a natural and blended look whilst brightening areas of the face. Banana powders are also best used for baking when applying heavy or high coverage makeup.  

Don’t let your makeup artistry go to waste with disappearing or creased make-up. Ensure flawless makeup that will last the entire day with CATRICE’s Banana Loose Powder. The Banana Powder retails for R125.95 and will be available at Dis-Chem, House of Cosmetics, Takealot, Superbalist and Skinmiles.  


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