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June 6, 2024
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Celebrate Pride with essence & Catrice: Dare to Be You!

June has arrived and it’s time to celebrate Pride Month with vibrancy, joy and unapologetic self-expression! At essence and Catrice, we champion the power of individuality and the beauty of diversity. That’s why essence and Catrice are proud to stand with the LGBTQ+ community, encouraging everyone to “Dare to Be You.” Embrace your uniqueness, spread love, stand proud and let your true colours shine brightly. Ready to dive into the must-haves to create your fabulous Pride look? Let’s get started!

essence: Make Beauty Fun

essence embodies the spirit of playful self-expression and empowerment. Their Pride campaign is all about celebrating who you are, embracing your uniqueness and adding a splash of fun to your everyday look. With essence, beauty is more than skin deep – it’s about expressing your true self and spreading joy. This Pride Month, essence encourages everyone to take pride in their appearance and enjoy the transformative power of makeup. We’ve rounded up our favourite products to get you started.

essence Pride Essentials:

META GLOW Colour Changing Lipstick| R59,95

Get ready to experience a lipstick that is as unique as you are! A staple in every makeup collection, it magically transforms to reveal your perfect shade thanks to the pH reaction of your skin. The end result, a fabulous shade of soft pink that enhances your natural lip colour.

META GLOW Duo-Chrome Eye Pencils | R49,95

Elevate your eye game to cosmic heights with these must-have beauty essentials. Available in three dazzling shades, these eye pencils add a mesmerising touch of colour that shifts with the light, creating dynamic, eye-catching looks that are impossible to ignore.

META GLOW Highlighter | R80,95

Illuminate your features with a radiant glow that embodies the spirit of Pride, making your skin look as vibrant as your soul. This versatile highlighter can also be used to create stunning effects on your eyes, enhancing your unique look. Simply build up with additional layers to intensify the glow and make a bold statement.

META GLOW Multi-Reflective Lipgloss | R60,95

This multi-dimensional gloss provides a reflective shine, perfect for any Pride celebration, adding a touch of magic to every smile. Impactful, powerful and all kinds of wonderful, this gloss will add the perfect finishing touch to your look.

Call Me Queen Dramatic False Lash Effect Mascara | R79,95

Achieve bold, dramatic lashes that command attention and exude confidence effortlessly. Layer for an intense effect in a simple zigzag motion from root to tip and say hello to lashes that speak volumes and captivate every gaze.

Catrice: Own Your Magic

Catrice champions self-empowerment, fun and community. Their Pride campaign highlights the magic of being yourself, adding touches of sparkle and colour to your life and look. With Catrice, you’re not just wearing makeup – you’re owning your magic. This Pride Month, let Catrice help you celebrate your unique beauty and express your true colours with confidence. Below we share our favourite Catrice products to create and elevate your Pride look with ease!

Catrice Pride Essentials:

Safari Fever Slim Eyeshadow Palette 010 | R200,95

Explore bold, earthy tones that create striking, adventurous looks, perfect for those who dare to stand out. Mix and match shades to add your unique touch and get ready for eyes that speak sparkle.

Blooming Bliss Slim Eyeshadow Palette 020 | R200,95

Embrace floral-inspired shades for a fresh, vibrant appearance that embodies the spirit of renewal and growth. Go soft and romantic or bold and daring with this palette, the choice is yours!

Coral Crush Slim Eyeshadow Palette 030 | R200,95

Dive into rich, coral hues that make a statement and add a tropical flair to your Pride look. Bold, daring, playful and perfect, you’re sure to turn heads with this vibrant palette.

Pro tip: Experiment with different combinations to infuse your own personal flair and prepare for eyes that tell a story. Each palette boasts 14 intensely pigmented shades, ranging from vibrant metallics to velvety mattes, ensuring endless possibilities for captivating looks.

Space Glam Chrome Eyeshadows | R79,95

These highly pigmented duo chrome shadows shift beautifully in the light, offering a silky soft formula that adds volume and depth to any eye look. Mix and match all three shades to create your own cosmic masterpiece! Apply with a brush or your finger for a dazzling effect all or layer over a darker shade in the crease for added depth.

Space Glam Holo Highlighter 010 | R100,95

Illuminate your cheeks and eyes with the ethereal glow of this holographic highlighter. Its magical light-reflecting iridescent powder shifts between pink, gold and lime hues, capturing attention and hearts alike. The ultra-light powder texture is buildable, offering a multi-chromatic holo effect.

Kohl Kajal Waterproof Eyeliners | R49,95

These versatile liners come in a variety of colours to define your eyes with precision and style, ensuring your gaze is always captivating. Our personal favourite is Catrice Kohl Kajal Waterproof 180 in Red Coral, perfect for a bold, dramatic eye look. Thanks to its highly-pigmented texture, this eyeliner pencil instantly delivers a colour-intense effect that is sure to turn heads!

Tips for a Colourful Pride Look

Mix and Match: Don’t be afraid to combine products from both brands. Pair the essence META GLOW Highlighter with Catrice’s Safari Fever Eyeshadow Palette for a look that’s uniquely you.

Layer for Impact: Use the META GLOW Duo-Chrome Eye Pencils as a base, and layer with Space Glam Chrome Eyeshadow for a multi-dimensional effect that’s sure to turn heads.

Highlight and Define: Illuminate your cheekbones with the META GLOW Highlighter, and define your eyes with Catrice’s Kohl Kajal Waterproof Eyeliners for a look that’s both radiant and precise.

Play with Colour: Pride is all about vibrant self-expression. Experiment with different shades and finishes to create a look that reflects your true essence.

Join Us in Celebrating Pride

essence and Catrice believe that life is more fun and fulfilling when you accept yourself and those around you. This Pride Month, let’s show the world that beauty comes in all colours and that everyone deserves to feel free to share their true essence. Whether you’re marching in a parade, dancing the night away or simply enjoying time with loved ones, let essence and Catrice be a part of your Pride celebration. Embrace your individuality, have fun with your look, and most importantly, dare to be you!

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