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DIY nails at home
August 20, 2020
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September 16, 2020

Do It For Yourself

Caribbeantan DIY pamper

Pamper at home with Caribbeantan

DIY home pamper

Babe, can we agree that when you have a tan you immediately feel good and definitely look amazing! So why not bring back that feel-good feeling by giving yourself some self-care during this self-quarantine period.

Yes, we know you’re at home a lot, but Spring is around the corner and having some me time and adding a tan to the mix will do wonders to your mood.

So, honey, stop what you’re doing right now and carry on reading because we’re going to tell you how to DIY your at-home pamper session and take you from gloom to glam!

Relaxation and Preparation

Do it for yourself – Caribbeantan Exfoliator

Since we’re making this a pampering time for you – get the bubble bath, candles and your Cinnamon & Coconut Skin Smoothing Exfolia.

Relax while soaking in the bath and take time for yourself. Don’t forget to shave and exfoliate at least 6 hours before you tan so that your skin is smooth and supple as this is the key to a flawless tan.

Instantly Sun-Kissed

Depending on how your daily schedule looks – you can decide whether you would like to apply your self-tan during the day or in the evening, as long as you wait 8 hours before showering – the choice is yours.

It may have been some time since you last self-tanned and we’re pretty sure you want instant results so that you can feel amazing ASAP. We have two self-tanners that will give you instant results & also make self-tanning super easy.

Tan In A Can Instant
Do it for yourself – Caribbeantan Instant Aerosol

This fine tinted mist is easy to apply, shake the can well and spray the self-tan evenly all over the body at a 25cm distance from the body. It is ideal for those hard to reach places and it only takes 8 minutes to dry. You can use a tanning mitt to ensure a streak-free application and to prevent your hands from staining.

Your tan will develop into a gorgeous bronze tan instantly and will darken over 8 hours, so if you apply your self-tan in the evening, by the morning you’ll be able to shower and wash off any excess product and your skin will be sun-kissed as if you just returned from sunny St. Tropez!

Tanning Spritzer
Do it for yourself – Caribbeantan Spritzer

Our salon-inspired solution provides instant colour while the tan develops and darkens over 8 hours. The Spritzer comes with an application mitt which allows you to control the intensity and coverage of your tan.

Shake the bottle well and then spritz the product onto your skin and use the mitt to blend the self-tan in a circular motion. The self-tan only takes 5 minutes to dry.  After application, wash your hands and put on some comfy, dark, loose-fitting loungewear and let your tan develop overnight. In the morning you can shower and the excess tint will wash off.

Our instant self-tanners are perfect especially if you’re a newbie to the self-tanning world because the tinted solution makes it easy to see where you have applied the product and where you should blend it in. And in this day and age – we want results instantly! 

Indulgent Skin Care Everyday

Do it for yourself – Caribbeantan Body Butter

Your skin is glowing and bronzed and we want to keep it that way for as long as possible. Let the maintenance routine begin!

To maintain and prolong your beautiful tan, we recommend our Milk & Honey Hydrating Body Butter. Apply this luxurious body butter which contains shea butter every morning and evening to keep your skin hydrated and smooth. The anti-ageing ingredients such as cranberry extract help with the skin’s elasticity so YAY for youthful skin.

Your skin will feel pampered every time you use it and not to mention that the scent is an immediate mood booster because it smells like a tropical holiday – and that’s what we’re here for.

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