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February 11, 2022
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essence beach clean up

On Saturday, 5 February 2022 we hosted a beach clean up at Milnerton Lighthouse Beach in collaboration with Clean C.

Clean C hosts beach clean-ups on a regular basis around Cape Town. Their aim is to keep our beaches and oceans free from litter and safe for all to enjoy. The clean-ups are a wonderful opportunity for families, kids and companies to get involved and do their bit in helping look after our environment.

At essence we care about the environment and sustainability. Our motto “essence cares …” means that we are committed to treating our planet, people and animals with respect. essence aims to support the protection of our seas and beaches so that they stay clean and safe for humans, animals and nature in the future.

essence has a strong commitment to the planet – recycling, waste prevention and the development of sustainable products are very close to our hearts. We strive for general waste reduction and the use of environmentally friendly, sustainable and recyclable materials in the production of our cosmetics. Waste prevention through re- or upcycling and zero waste is our major goal, and we are committed to achieving it.
In packaging we are constantly researching which sustainable materials are suitable for the packaging of our cosmetics and are increasingly focusing on offering more recycling options in their development.

Clean and green is important to us and to celebrate another year on this planet we wanted to show our gratitude by coming together to help keep our beaches and environment clean.

We collected a total of 80 bags of litter. This being 534kgs of litter collected of which 361kgs were sent for recycling.

A huge thank you to everyone that joined us in making a positive change. We look forward to creating a better environment for all with you by our side.

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