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July 8, 2022
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Calling all Jurassic fans! 🦖💄

There have been some peculiar sightings amongst your essence beauty favourites: think scaly exteriors, footprints reminiscent of the Mesozoic era, impressive chompers and claws…enough to freak you out? Well, hopefully only in an exciting way because as the world premiere of the latest film to the Jurassic World franchise launches this month (Jurassic World Dominion), film fans and beauty lovers can look forward to the ultimate trend edition by essence in collaboration with Jurassic World! It’s all things dino-inspired to help you create cool and edgy looks. We’ve got a feeling fans will have an adventure of a time with the essence Jurassic World Trend Edition range below:

Jurassic World eyeshadow palette | R189.95

01 Have a Rawsome Day!

Jurassic fans are no strangers to the tropical hues of the infamous Isla Nublar Island. The Jurassic World eyeshadow palette is richly inspired by the film’s setting. Boasting 8 highly-pigmented shades of green, gold, brown and orange, fans can look forward to creating dynamic eye looks with this versatile palette. Each shade varies from matte to shimmer to duochrome finishes that will ensure the right amount of accent to the eyes. Be careful of the embossed dinosaur footprint on some of the shades – you never know who may be lurking around the corner! Clue: the palette’s striking T. rex design may just give you the answer!

Jurassic World I LOVE EXTREME limited crazy volume mascara | R75.95

What’s better than your favourite beauty product? Your beauty go-to combined with your all time favourite film. The I LOVE EXTREME crazy volume mascara comes in a shimmery rosé gold tube with its very own Jurassic World stamp. Beauty lovers can expect the same high-performing mascara where each individual lash is coated in its deep black formula to achieve maximum volume thanks to the extra-large brush head.

Jurassic World highlighter | R99.95

01 Extra Crispy

With its shimmery rosé gold powder mimicking the scaled texture of a dinosaur, you may just mistake the Jurassic World highlighter to be a Velociraptor reincarnated. Don’t worry, this highlighter may be embossed with the word “Rrrrar!” but it remains a delicate texture that’s rich in colour to give you a soft glow on the cheeks. The Jurassic World highlighter will also leave you with a radiant glow all over thanks to its vitamin E and macadamia oil enriched formula.

Jurassic World highlighter brush | R82.95

01 Must Be A Fast Runner!

With its complementary orange-pink dinosaur patterned handle and rosé gold design soft bristled brush, you can’t have your Jurassic World highlighter without its matching highlighter brush. The Jurassic World highlighter brush comes with tapered bristles to ensure your highlighter is precisely applied and blended. Look out for the T. rex logo on the handle!

Jurassic World powder brush | R99.95

01 Stay In The Car!

Add to your Jurassic World makeup kit with this Jurassic World powder brush. Your face will be graced with soft, vegan bristles to easily apply generous powder textures. Its rosé gold design handle fits in perfectly with the Jurassic World theme.

Jurassic World ph-reacting lip glow | R82.95

01 Runnn!

Just like the magical sci-fi encounters of Jurassic World, this lip glow performs a little of its own magic on your lips. Its revolutionary formula instantly reacts to the pH-value of your lips to give them a soft pink tint and a natural finish that matches your skin tone flawlessly. Your lips will be left with a subtle glow thanks to the pH-reacting lip glow’s golden shimmer particles. Oh, and of course it has the Jurassic World stamp of approval on its eye-catching design: the T. rex motif.

Jurassic World makeup sponge | R82.95

01 Bingo! Dino dna

Could it be? A dinosaur egg!? In Jurassic World maybe but here on Earth, the Jurassic World makeup sponge serves to apply and blend liquid and cream foundation as well as concealer. With its unique shape, you can focus on accenting certain areas of the face or applying and blending products effortlessly onto larger areas.

Jurassic World bracelet | R57.95

01 Qualified Dinosaur Expert

For the ultimate Jurassic World fans, easily seek out other fans with this adjustable hot pink band with one difference: a rose gold Velociraptor pendant – the mark of a true dinosaur expert!

With the global premiere of Jurassic World Dominion this month, we’re sure you can’t wait to start creating the ultimate Jurassic World makeup look. The Jurassic World essence Trend Edition is exclusive to Dis-chem and www.houseofcosmetics.co.za . We sure all the Jurassic World fans are going to have fun creating looks that will inspire the entire fandom and beauty lovers around the world!

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