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June 20, 2019
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July 18, 2019

Essence “THIS IS ME” Trend Edition

Local Is Lekker

The Raptor room

The “this is me” limited trend edition was captured here in our very own local city Cape Town. The lucky venue was the Raptor room in the City Bowl. Essence international flew down from Germany to shoot with local videographers and captured the “essence” of the new trend edition with the beautiful backdrop of the Mother City.

Cape Town City

Trend #Inspo

Like Demi Lovato once said on Camp Rock “This is real, this is me” we can all agree that this year, all beauty lovers are focusing on bringing out their inner beauty. The trendy nude limited edition is a timeless trend edition and we are convinced it will be one of the books.

Adapted to different skin tones you can colour match your lipstick and nail polish. With over 20 different nude shades it’s perfect for any occasion. Tap into your inner princess and mix match your lipstick with your nail polish.

Shine Last & Go Nail Polishes

Available Dis-Chem

The perfect nude-coloured nail polish! With 20 flattering nude tones, Range also offers the right colour for your nails – no matter if it’s light, medium, tanned or darker skin tones. The vegan nail polish ensures high gloss on the nails, is long-lasting – just like the new shine last & go! gel nail polishes.

Along with the lipsticks, this is me! Together, the two of them form the perfect beauty match and complete your make-up look Lipsticks

Semi-Matt Nude Lipsticks  

Available Dis-Chem

The search for the perfect nude-coloured lipstick is over! The new this is me! With 20 flattering nude tones, Range also provides the perfect shade for your lips – whether your skin tone is light, medium, tanned or dark. The semi-matte texture feels light on the lips, is long-lasting and has a high opacity. Together with the nail polishes, this is me! Series make your lips and nails the perfect beauty match and complete your make-up look

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