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March 4, 2019
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From Summer to Winter: How to Transition Your Look

Different seasons require slightly different approaches to your beauty and make-up regimes. In summer, one tends to want to keep make-up minimal and natural-looking: wearing layers of product just doesn’t work when it’s swelteringly hot. In winter, you can be a little more experimental, and go a little OTT with your look. Here are our favourite tips on how to make the transition between the seasons.

Go OTT with Blusher

R65 Takealot

In summer, too much blush can make you look like you’re experiencing heatstroke. In winter, warm pink blush gives you a healthy glow. Rosy cheeks is what winter is all about, so go crazy with pigmented products like essence mosaic blush or L.O.V Cosmetics Blush.

Use Fixing Spray for Unpredictable Temperatures

R59.95 Dis-Chem

When the seasons start to change, temperatures can be unpredictable: the mornings are freezing, but we still get those freakishly warm winter days that make us question our entire wardrobe and life choices, and indoor temperatures are totally unpredictable. To avoid being caught off-guard (and sweating your make-up right off) use fixing spray. That way, you’ll be ready for anything.

For an extra refreshing, ultra-cooling mist, store in the fridge.

Self Tan The Pale Away


The sun may be fickle, but your tan doesn’t have to be! What better way to fight the winter blues by rocking a sexy tan, come rain or shine!? We know it’s tempting to slack on your beauty regime when it gets colder, but trust us, you’ll be glad you put a little effort in when summer comes around again. Keeping your skin buffed, shaven, moisturized and glowing with a little self-tan will keep you feeling beautiful and ready for anything, whatever the season.

The NEW Wash Off Bronzing Lotion by Caribbeantan is the perfect handbag essential. Not only does it contain Shea-butter and Cranberry Extract but it leaves you with a gorgeous natural looking tan.

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