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October 29, 2020
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Happy World Vegan Day! 🌿

Despite popular belief, veganism is a lot more than just a dietary choice of excluding animal by-products. Veganism is actually a lifestyle choice to exclude all items that cause harm to animals. On World Vegan Day, we wanted to bring attention to vegan beauty and makeup. Not many people know this, but many makeup products are made with animal by-products or tested on poor animals (WE SAY NO). 

Luckily, vegan makeup is becoming accessible all around the world. Brands like essence and CATRICE are working towards becoming 100% vegan by the end of 2021. essence is already 84% vegan, while CATRICE is 80% vegan.

There are many benefits to vegan makeup which we LOVE. Let’s take a look at some reasons to switch to vegan makeup and skincare products TODAY.

1. Vegan Beauty Products Are 100% Cruelty-Free

Vegans have been against animal testing for years and have actively boycotted items that have been derived from animal testing labs.

When purchasing vegan beauty items, you can rest assured that your beauty items are 100% cruelty-free. The rise of cruelty-free makeup has also lowered the demand for products produced via animal testing, which is a win for all!

 2. Vegan Beauty Products Are Free From Animal By-Products

Sorry, not sorry to gross you out but some makeup items you purchase contain all kinds of animal by-products in them.

You might be putting uric extracted from cows or dead insect extracts on your skin without even knowing! The switch to vegan makeup is easy, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re not covering your face (and other parts of your body) with any animal by-products.

3.  Vegan Beauty Products Can Be Better For Sensitive Skin

Vegan skincare and makeup items have been proven to be better for those with sensitive skin purely because they’re made with few products in comparison to non-vegan products.

Additional ingredients in beauty items can heighten your chances of developing dry skin or acne. Of course, some people might have adverse reactions to vegan items; however, the risk is considerably lower.

4. Vegan Beauty Products Can Be Affordable

There is a common misconception that all things vegan are expensive. In actual fact, vegan beauty items can be really affordable depending on the brand you purchase them from. Brands like essence and CATRICE, for example, pride themselves on offering high-quality and accessible makeup and skincare items for all!

5. Vegan Beauty Products Are Made With Natural Ingredients

Most vegan skin and makeup items are made up of natural ingredients that are filled with rich vitamins. Ingredients like seaweed, chamomile and aloe vera are all common and are GREAT for your skin.

Truth is, you do not have to be vegan to understand the vast benefits of switching to vegan beauty and skincare lifestyle. Do your part in combating animal testing and choose cruelty-free beauty products today!

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