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It’s No Surprise That Lash Princess Is Our Favourite Mascara

Lash Princess Mascara Range

Let’s be honest, mascara is one of those essential makeup items that few of us can live without. Throw on a slick or two of this bad boy makeup item, and you suddenly look ready to go. However, bad mascara is a total NO. We don’t have time for anything that’ll leave us with racoon eyes, clump together our lashes or settle underneath our eyes. 

That’s why we place all our faith in the tried and trusted Lash Princess Mascara range by Essence. This range offers a mascara for your every mood and need. Don’t believe us? Carry on reading girl! 

P.S. we discuss our favourite one last (hint: say goodbye to your falsies) 

1.No More Smudguing

lash princess false lash effect mascara waterproof

Do you spend your days lounging at the pool? Do you feel incomplete at the gym without a dash of makeup? Do you ACTUALLY swim on a beach day? Then this is the mascara for you! Whether sport, pool or tears of joy – this mascara can handle anything and everything! 

The fantastic fibre brush of this lash princess mascara provides length, volume, and promises to keep you smudge-free all day! 

Beauty tip – remove your waterproof mascara at the end of the day with some coconut oil. 

2.The Bigger The Better

lash princess volume mascara

Looking to look doe-eyed, coy and bring all the attention to your eyes? Then volumizing is the way to go! This lash princess mascara is specially designed to have a cobra-head shaped wand that beautifully covers each individual lash to create dramatic volume and a gorgeous sweeping look. Say HELLO to intense fluttering lashes princess! 


lash princess sculpted volume mascara

Dreaming about beautifully defined and curly lashes? We have the mascara for you! Straight lashes can be difficult to curl, especially if you’d like to avoid the use of a lash curler. This lash princess mascara with its specially designed tapered brush allows you to sculpt each lash individually – allowing for a beautiful and clump-free look! 


lash princes false effect mascara

Don’t get us wrong, we adore all the above mascara’s and best believe, they all have a special place in our hearts (and our makeup kits). Still, we can’t help but have a special soft spot for the lash princess false effect mascara. 

We mean who doesn’t want beautifully long and dramatic looking lashes without having to worry about a sticky, gluey mess?! The incredibly designed shape of this mascara wands fibre brush provides your lashes with all the length and dramatic volume you could EVER hope for. 

We’re obsessed with the false-lash effect of this mascara and LOVE that we don’t need to worry about our falsies falling off or spending all our moola (and losing our natural lashes) on extensions. 

This gorgeous princess is dressed like her sisters in a beautiful evening dress – this time in an iconic black-mint. A total must-have!

What are you waiting for? Add all these beauties to your cart today!

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