National Lipstick day, essence and catrice
National Lipstick Day
July 29, 2020
CATRICE Makeup for Pros. Prices for everyone
Make Up For Pros. Prices for Everyone.
August 13, 2020

Love The Quality. Love The Price.

essence quality and price

essence quality available at a great price

We understand that shopping for makeup is tricky. Trends change ALL the time, and it can feel overwhelming (and expensive) trying to keep up. That’s where the fantastic makeup brand essence comes in.

While essence may only have featured on South African shelves a couple of years ago. It has undoubtedly become one of the country’s most loved makeup brands. From teenagers experimenting with makeup for the first time to highly renowned professional makeup artists – EVERYONE loves essence. So what makes essence so amazing? Let us tell you!

  1. Makeup that’s Budget Friendly

essence cosmetics is dedicated to providing innovative and high-quality makeup items accessible to EVERYONE. Don’t be fooled into thinking expensive means fantastic. essence allows you to create glamorous and fabulous beauty looks for less!

      2. Absolutely NO Animal Testing

We love that essence is passionate about creating great beauty products without harming ANY living creature in the process. Beauty should not come at the expense of any being on this planet. We can get behind that idea any day!

essence animal cruelty free

      3. High Quality and Trusted Beauty Items

essence is serious about quality, and it’s clear to see! The research, creativity and testing that goes behind each and every product is a testimony to this promise. essence being considered Europe’s no. 1 cosmetics brand is absolute proof of this.

Are you new to essence cosmetic products or think you need to refresh your kit? Take a read of some of our FAVE essence beauty items below:

Swimming in Chrome


essence melted Chrome eyeshadow 02
essence Melted Chrome Eyeshadow 07

Everyone needs a little sparkle in their life! The warm bronze melted chrome eyeshadow has a unique bouncy, creamy texture that will glide smoothly onto your lids with magnificent colour payoff!

Easily use this eyeshadow solo or if you’re feeling experimental then as a base to make your eye look POP!

Forever Inked


essence 24ever ink eyeliner
essence 24ever Ink Liner

Loved by professionals and all other makeup fanatics. Long-lasting, waterproof and highly pigmented, this is the eyeliner of our DREAMS. The extra-fine brush draws a perfect line on the lid in an instant!

The 24ever ink liner literally lasts TWENTY FOUR hours ensuring that you or your clients look flawless all day long.

Call Me Princess


essence false lash effect lash princess mascara
essence Lash Princess Mascara

We’re saying goodbye to expensive eyelash extension refills and saying HELLO to the lash princess false lash mascara. The Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara completely transforms your lashes with an IRRESISTABLE false-lash effect.

Your lashes receive the royal treatment they deserve and are left looking fuller and longer, and much bolder!

Look At My Lips


essence Stay 8h Matte Liquid Lipstick

Matte lipsticks offer an iconic look that is loved by all lipstick lovers and pros. However, many people have the common misconception that an affordable matte lipstick will leave their lips feeling dry and won’t last long. Not when essence has anything to do with it though! The Stay 8h Liquid Lipstick does EVERYTHING it promises to.

Its matte formula lets the nine lifestyle-proof shades remain flawless and light on the lips for up to 8h – the perfect lippie for the runway or your special day! The liquid texture transforms into an intensive matte finish immediately upon application and offers a beautiful, long-lasting wearing comfort.

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