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February 14, 2020
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May 11, 2020

Love Your Pet Day – Anti-Cruelty Free

Did you know that the 20th of Feb isn’t just any ordinary day? It’s love your pet day! We’re TOTALLY obsessed with all our pets (the furry, cute and even fishy kind) at Cosmetix Headquarters and all animals in general. That’s why it’s no surprise that our range of brands, Essence, Catrice and Caribbean Tan are ALL completely cruelty-free! We thought we’d dive into why exactly it’s so important to switch to cruelty-free products – let’s look at a couple of our top reasons.

1. There’s nothing cool about animal testing, only cruel  

Urgh, we don’t know about you – but we definitely don’t want any of our makeup items to be linked to poor animals used in experiments and confined in small cages. These poor babies are tortured, maimed, blinded and sometimes even killed. NO, THANK YOU.  

2. There are totally better alternatives to animal testing  

Don’t be fooled – no matter what any makeup company tells you, there’s literally no reason to indulge in any sort of animal testing. Plus, there are so many alternatives – for example, you can choose to do in-vitro testing, which is more conclusive compared to animal testing! The only reason why any company would go for animal testing instead of in-vitro is that it’s cheaper, which is totally gross if you ask our opinion.  

3. “PETS” are used in animal testing too  

Not that you should discriminate between different types of animals, but contrary to popular belief – CATS and DOGS are used in medical animal experiments too!  

Beagles (a dog breed) are commonly used in animal testing because of their docile nature (excuse us while we sob uncontrollably).  

4. There are literally thousands of safe ingredients available  

Yup, there are over 7000 cosmetic ingredients for companies to choose from that have been proven 100% safe. There’s really no reason to be testing so many new products on animals. Sometimes the extra profits that come from being “revolutionary” are totally not worth it.  

5. Brands that are making a difference 

There are literally different laws applied to laboratory animals, and these poor creatures are not protected from any animal abuse or cruelty. This makes absolutely NO sense. Laboratory animals like bunnies, dogs, cats, mice and more should be just as loved and protected as our beloved pets! 

At the end of the day, animal testing is painful and plain unnecessary. By supporting amazing makeup and self-tanning brands like Essence, Catrice and Caribbean Tan – you’re helping to make a REAL difference towards protecting the lives of animals everywhere!  

Lots of hugs and kisses to all your pups, kitties and bunnies on this day!  

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