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March 14, 2018
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March 19, 2018

Make-up Styles Dominating 2018

Holographic Happiness

Think mermaid. Think alien. Think fairy dust. Holographic is the shiny answer to all your colour quandaries: don’t know which shade to choose? Choose all of them! Holographic reflects pretty much every possible colour you can imagine. Ready to radiate rainbow?

How to get this look: essence colour correcting pearls essence the moon essence hololighter 

Golden Glee


This year, go for gold – and we mean really go for gold! We’re not talking a shy swipe or sprinkle – we’re talking take-it-to-the-next-level, OTT, move-over-Foxy-Cleopatra gold! This year we’re seeing golden eyelids almost blended into golden cheeks, with a slightly lighter gold highlighter to top it off. Keen for the sheen?

How to get this look: essence gold heart of gold eyeliner L.O.V eyeshadow palette L.O.V eyebrow palette

Black Bliss


This year’s black obsession is by no means subtle. Black-winged liner is being taken beyond Amy Winehouse and into a whole other dimension. Strong, bold, fearless lines and high-impact dark eyeliner is where it’s at.

How to get this look: CATRICE eyeliner pen L.O.V royal liner L.O.V lineattitude

Red Radiance

We love a classic wet red lip as much as the next pin-up girl, but 2018 is shaking things up by adding a little juice to the iconic look. Juicy and VIBRANT, lips are cheeky, playful and hella sexy.

How to get this look: L.O.V lip affair pencil L.O.V lovlicious volume gloss L.O.V lip affair lipstick

Pink Passion


Pink was big in 2017, and it’s even bigger this year! Vibrant, radiant, shimmery pastels are here to stay (at least for now) and we couldn’t be happier. Release your inner unicorn warrior princess and dazzle the crowds with your pink perfection.

we 💜 metallic! #liptasticessence #whatspoppinessence

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How to get this look: essence rainbow highlighter essence metal shock lip paint essence metal shock blue lipstick

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