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October 19, 2018
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Meet The Girls Behind #TeamFlawless

South African Beauties

South African beauty is like no other – it’s diverse; inexplicable; incomparable. We are a collection of such unique and contrasting cultures and heritages, that our beauty is hard to define. We like it this way – it keeps them guessing and makes us hard to pigeonhole. But sometimes, due to this immense diversity and range of beauty, finding the right shade of foundation can be challenging.

Our women are proud, and not afraid to be who they are. They spoke, and we listened. In response to the very real need for a greater variety in product, essence has enlisted the help of a real South African girl squad: #TeamFlawless.

Who Is #TeamFlawless?

TeamFlawless is made up of four South African beauties whose mission is to bring to life the many expressions of our country’s beauty, formed through the journey of finding the perfect foundation. Together, this passionate and inspiring group of women embody essence’s celebration of our country.

Jessica is our social media princess, whose glowing personality sets the screen on fire. South Africa’s sweetheart and online make-up guru Mihlali is here to guide you on your quest to find the right foundation fit. Absolute cutie pie and beauty vlogger Nuzhah has a lot to say, and our quirky, daring tom boy Refiloe dances to her own beat. Together, this awesome foursome is the ultimate girls squad, our #TeamFlawless.

Jessica Van Heerden

Nuhzah Jacobs

Refiloe Nkoane

Mihlali Ndamase

Celebrating Diversity

These powerful women aren’t just a representation of different skin tones, but also reflect a vibrant mix of characters who embody our nation’s very essence. We are different in so many ways, which is in itself, beautiful. To us, this just means that there is more to celebrate.  Together with #TeamFlawless, we are excited to finally reveal a new range of make-up products, launched specifically to honour the vibrancy of our beautiful country. Check out essence’s new range of foundation, available at select Dis-Chem, Clicks, Foschini and Takealot.



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