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November 1, 2021
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November 20, 2021

NEW CATRICE One Step Skin Perfector

The perfect 4-in-1 addition to your beauty routine! 

Are you struggling to close your makeup bag, trying to find enough space for all your cosmetics? Are you tired of piling too many products on your face to achieve that natural, no-makeup look? Cut out the middleman with CATRICE’s One Step Skin Perfector – one product for all your essential beauty needs! Think primer, moisturiser, tinter and sun protector, all in the convenience of one tube, leaving you just one step away from a perfect beauty routine and flawless look. 

CATRICE One Step Skin Perfector is a versatile primer that not only preps and protects the skin for makeup application but also provides an intensive treatment for the well-being of your skin. Rich in Vitamin C, the One Step Skin Perfector nourishes the skin with its light and gentle texture, whilst smoothing it out with its moisturising properties. No more worrying about that pesky white cast from your daily sunscreen! The One Step Skin Perfector has a SPF 20 that will reliably protect your skin from UV rays. Perfect for those days where you need light makeup coverage, the One Step Skin Perfector also has a built-in tinter that adapts to your skin tone thanks to its contained pigments that instantly melt into your skin to give you a soft yet natural tint – talk about cutting your makeup routine in half! 

Ideal for your daily beauty regimen, the One Step Skin Perfector can be easily incorporated into your beauty routine. Always start your routine with a cleansed face. Remove any excess dirt and impurities with the CATRICE Pore 2-in-1 Peeling & Toner. After cleansing, restore moisture into your skin with the CATRICE Sensitive Moisturising Serum Milk. Then, shake well and simply apply the One Step Skin Perfector evenly on your face and watch as its light texture melts into your skin, whilst giving it a boosted yet natural tint in line with your skin tone. Add some colour to your cheeks using a liquid or cream blush and finish off with the CATRICE Fix & Protect Spray to lock in this incredible product and let it work its magic to make your makeup last all day – no need for powder! 

For a more intense make-up look and coverage, use the One Step Skin Protector as your main primer and continue with your normal makeup routine using your desired CATRICE concealer and foundation. We recommend the following CATRICE concealers that can be easily used in conjunction with the One Step Skin Perfector:

  • Ultimate Camouflage Cream 
  • True Skin High Coverage Concealer 
  • Instant Awake Concealer 
  • Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer  

As well as the following CATRICE foundations: 

  • All Matt Plus Shine Control Make Up Foundation 
  • True Skin Hydrating Foundation 
  • HD Liquid Camouflage Foundation 

Set your makeup with the CATRICE Grip & Last Putty Primer, Loose Banana Powder or the All Matt Shine Control Healthy Look Powder and step into the day moisturised, protected and fabulously flawless! 

To top it off, the One Step Skin Perfector not only saves you time and money on your makeup routine but also contributes towards the welfare and protection of animals and the environment too! Its tube is 42% recycled plastic, manufactured using 100% green electricity, and is vegan-certified. We love a sustainable and eco-conscious product! Head over to your nearest Dis-Chem or Dis- simply go online to, Skinmiles, Superbalist or House of Cosmetics to purchase the CATRICE One Step Skin Perfector at an affordable R149.95. Optimise your makeup routine with this 4-in-1 formula without having to compromise on your beauty regimen with CATRICE’s One Step Skin Perfector that does it all! 

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