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August 21, 2020
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September 17, 2020

NEW essence cosmetics magnetic lashes! False lashes 2.0


Our NEW essence magnetic lashes will give you the perfect false lash effect you’re looking for!

As ladies, we all love and dream of having beautiful, thick and long lashes, and most of us need false lash extensions to achieve luscious lashes. Our NEW essence magnetic lashes will give you the perfect false lash effect you’re looking for!

The magnetic false lashes are available in 6 different styles, these false lashes can be attached to the natural lashes with a magnetic strip, no lash glue needed and absolutely no hassle! Simply separate the lashes, place one lash strip above the upper lash line and the other part below – the magnets will lock together to conjure-up dream lashes. Achieve beautiful false lashes in a matter of seconds!

essence magnetic lahes
Magnetic Lashes

An incredible advantage of these magnetic lashes is that they are completely reusable and can be used multiple times!

Our 6 different magnetic lash styles are:

natural lashes 01 – I woke up like this

cat eye lashes 01 – lashes on fleek

drama lashes 01 – life is short, your lashes shouldn’t be

glitter lashes 01 – my lashes are my super power

glamour lashes 01 – good lashes, good day

curvy lashes 01 – I’m not perfect, but my lashes are

These magnetic lashes are a definite must have! Why buy 1 when you can buy all 6 😉

From R129.95

lash applicator 01 lash-o-holic

essence magnetic lashes
Lash Applicator

It takes a lot of patience to apply false lashes! However, this tool makes application quick and easy. The tweezer-like applicator holds the false lashes and allows you to attach them to the natural lash line accurately.

From R44.95

lash brush 01 lashing out

essence magnetic lashes
Lash Brush

This lash brush is ideal for separating and combing false lashes after use for the ideal care to make them last longer. The lash brush can also be used to brush the lashes once you have applied them, this will provide the lashes with additional curl and volume as well as connect them to your natural lashes.

From R44.95

magnetic lashes storage case 01 lash boss

essence magnetic lashes
Lash Storage

Get yourself a storage case to keep your lashes in! This little storage box offers space to safely store two pairs of false lashes. This storage case is ideal for keeping your lashes clean as well as super handy for keeping on your dressing table or for taking them along with you when travelling.

From R44.95

The #essencecosmetics #magneticlash trend edition is exclusive to Dis-Chem Pharmacies only, go get yours now!

We can’t wait to see you looking as gorgeous as ever with your magnetic false lashes. Remember to tag us on social media! @essence_cosmetics @cosmetix_sa @dischem_pharmacies 

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