February 16, 2021
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March 9, 2021

NEW essence cosmetics must-haves!

There is nothing more exciting than your favourite makeup brand releasing a whole range of new products! The new essence makeup range update is filled with exciting new makeup products that allow for an irresistible mix of natural and expressive looks. The new essence range has everything you’re looking for, whether that’s a mascara that lasts 24 hours or eyes that shine in bold and bright colours – with these new products and tools, you can conjure up your favourite look in NO time! Interested in finding out more? Girl, come closer.

Exciting Eyelids, Every Day 

essence daily dose of… eyeshadow palettes

Eyeshadow that makes you look good on the outside and feel GREAT on the inside! Helping you radiate good mood feels all day, these three eyeshadow palettes each boast nine metallic, shimmering and matt highly-pigmented shades!  

The ENERGY palette offers strong gold and orange nuances, the LOVE palette contains beautiful wearable, rose eyeshadows and the POWER palette lives up to its name with its colour intensive red and blue tones. Did we mention that the packaging for these palettes is 100% recycled???! 

R137.95 each

Perfect Lashes – Day and Night 

essence 24ever BOLD mascara

Nourished and dramatically curled lashes – the dream of every girl (or boy). The 24ever mascara has a nourishing texture thanks to its formulation of hemp, almond jojoba oil and Vitamin E!  

Staying true to its name, the 24ever mascara last… you guessed it, for TWENTY FOUR HOURS. The volume of your lashes can be built up gradually depending on your desired effect.  

R99.95 each

Take Me to Japan 

essence konnichiwa tokyo eyeshadow palette

Stylish Harajuku girls, speaking robots and Kawaii shopping are a few of the things that come to mind when you think of Tokyo, Japan. With the new essence konnichiwa palette, you can now imagine yourself immersed in the vibrant city and create an irresistible look on your eyes.  

The palette contains nine long-lasting, highly-pigmented matt and shimmering shades that are perfect for soft orange, pink and pale blue eye make-up styles.  


Brows to Envy  

essence brow pomade + brush

Your brows don’t need to look like mismatched sisters when they can look like twins! Perfectly style your brows with the new brow pomade + brush!  

The best part? The formula is extremely long-lasting, waterproof and won’t smudge! 


Prep Your Skin 

essence prime+ studio protecting +skin perfecting primer 

Every perfect look starts with adequate hydration and protection of your skin! The essence prime+ studio protecting +skin perfecting primer allows for a smooth and beautiful skin texture. The primer protects the skin from the sun’s rays thanks to a sun protection factor of 20 comprising UVA and UVB filters.  

These primers not only extend the durability of your foundation, they also visibly refine all pores. HELLO, flawless complexion!  


Look At My Perfect Mani 

essence clean & strong nail polish

These essence nail polishes will provide you with the perfect at-home manicure! The formula of the seven trendy, wearable nail polishes in the clean and strong range noticeably strengthen nails in just ONE week. 

The formula is also made with a whopping 85% natural ingredients! You have to get them all 

R56.95 each

Ready to up your makeup game to a whole new level in 2021? Shop this range online and in-store today! 

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