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February 2, 2023
NEW essence Snow much love Trend Edition
February 21, 2023

NEW essence HUGS &TEDDIES Trend Edition

As the seasons start to change and the cold sets in, we could all do with some extra TLC to survive the winter months. With the new essence HUGS & TEDDIES Trend Edition, it’s all about getting warm and cosy with some added love to make the cold more bearable. Beauty lovers won’t be able to resist the uber cute teddy bear themed range, boasting soft and delicate features to help you add a loving touch to your makeup routine. It’s giving all the feels with an extra dose of cuteness to bring you heartwarming joy this winter.

HUGS&TEDDIES eye and face palette | R220.95

You won’t be able to resist the cuteness of the peeping teddy on the cover of this palette. The HUGS & TEDDIES eye and face palette boasts six eyeshadows in soft shades of nude, brown and rosé. From matte and metallic to satin finishes, easily create a variety of eye looks, no matter the occasion. Add essential colour to the cheeks and an overall glow and accent to the face thanks to the included blush and highlighter in this versatile palette.

HUGS&TEDDIES brush duo | R119.95

As soft as a teddy bear, the HUGS & TEDDIES brush duo comes with an eyeshadow and face brush designed to fit comfortably in your hand whilst you create unique looks using the HUGS & TEDDIES eye and face palette. Just look out for the peeping bear ears on the brush duo’s trendy packaging.

HUGS&TEDDIES soft lip liner | R38.95

Add soft definition to the lips with the HUGS & TEDDIES lip liner that effortlessly traces and contours the lips. Its long-lasting finish is perfect for overlining lips.

HUGS&TEDDIES plumping lip gloss | R69.95

Once you’ve added definition to your lips, bring life to them with the HUGS & TEDDIES plumping lip gloss. Its butter-soft texture melts into the lips leaving a high-gloss finish in a warm nude shade. Delight in its vanilla and mint fragrance as your lips instantly appear visibly fuller thanks to its plumping effect.

HUGS&TEDDIES matte nail polish | R57.95

What’s a cold winter’s day without a warm cup of hot chocolate? Make sure your nails are in tip-top shape with this matte nail polish that will leave a delectable cocoa shade. One application will result in the perfect manicure thanks to its high coverage formula.

HUGS&TEDDIES scented nail stickers | R38.95

For an extra dose of cuteness and fun, why not complete your manicure with the vanilla-scented HUGS & TEDDIES nail stickers. Choose from 50 different bear designs to complete your cocoa manicure.

HUGS&TEDDIES scrunchie | R57.95

It’s not a cold winter’s day without some fluffy paraphernalia to keep you warm and snug. The HUGS & TEDDIES scrunchie’s super soft, plush texture is sure to protect your hair whilst being the cutest hair accessory this winter – perfect for ponytails and relaxed buns.

Cold weather doesn’t have to be unbearable this winter! From cocoa and vanilla scents to cuddly bear cuteness, the new HUGS & TEDDIES trend edition from essence is sure to add all the cuddles and fun this winter! Available at Dis-Chem Pharmacies.

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