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November 20, 2021
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November 29, 2021

NEW essence Vintage Beach Trend Edition

Calling all beach babes! Ease into summer with shimmery golden hues, sweet and fruity fragrances, and nourishing ingredients rich in vitamins and oils your skin will absolutely love. The new essence Vintage Beach Trend Edition, exclusive to Dis-Chem Retail Pharmacies, will instantly transport you to long, retro summer days wherever you are. Get into holiday mode with this collection’s unique packaging – think retro stripes, reminiscent of summer carnivals; soft, braided exteriors; and pastel pink and sandy tones. From flawless, sun-kissed glows and classic beach waves to nourished, dewy skin rich in coconut oil, the new essence Vintage Beach Trend Edition collection is bringing long summer days directly to you. Here’s what you can look forward to:  

Eyeshadow Palette | R164.95 

The versatile Vintage Beach Eyeshadow Palette gives you the freedom to be fun and spontaneous with its combination of warm, nude shades and perfect summer tones, including a deep ocean blue. Its nine pigmented colours, will give you a perfect look for any summer occasion. Whether you want a natural, sun-kissed look or a pop of vibrant colour, the matte and metallic shades will take you from a day to summer night look in the blink of an eye. Get into a summer mood with the tri-colour sand shades that will make you feel like you are right on the beach with sand between your toes and a cool summer breeze through your hair. 

Coconut Lip Conditioner | R63.95 

Warmer temperatures = more time spent having fun in the sun. Keep those lips moisturised and hydrated with the soothing Vintage Beach Coconut Lip Conditioner. Leaving a delectable, fruity fragrance on your lips thanks to its coconut and peach kernel oil, this lip conditioner is rich in shea butter and vitamin E that will leave your lips with a smooth and nourished glow. The Coconut Lip Conditioner is all about intensive care and can be applied safely with its hygienic applicator, ensuring a beautiful smile and a delicious taste of summer! 

Baked Highlighter | R107.95 

Look like you’ve just stepped off the beach with the essence Vintage Beach Baked Highlighter. With its gentle, velvety texture, you can give yourself golden highlights to achieve that soft, summer glow. All the shine will be on you as the Baked Highlighter reflects its delicate shimmer particles whenever the light hits it. Whilst you shimmer away, your skin will remain nourished and exude a healthy glow thanks to the macadamia oil and vitamin C in this highlighter.  

Multi-Purpose Oil | R99.95 

For a more dewy finish, give yourself a delectable glow with the Vintage Beach Multi-Purpose Oil. Enriched with apricot oil, this oil absorbs quickly into the skin, giving your skin a vibrant and healthy finish whilst simultaneously nourishing the face, body and nails. With its easy-to-use pump bottle, nourish your body with just the right amount  of oil and take in its relaxing  coconut scent –  the perfect reminder of lazy summer days and pure island bliss! 

Makeup & Baking Sponge | R81.95 

The ultimate beauty tool to keep you free from stress on warm summer days, the Vintage Beach Makeup & Baking Sponge is a master in flawlessly applying your foundation, cream highlighter, blush or bronzer. Perfect your summer looks with a smooth, natural finish that will last the entire day, whilst you soak up those warm summer rays. 

Sea Salt Hair Mist | R113.95 

It’s not summer unless you are flaunting effortless beach waves in your hair. Get that perfect, sea-salt hair on-the-go with the Vintage Beach Sea Salt Hair Mist. With its fine spray mist, you can easily recreate natural beach waves like you’ve just stepped out of the ocean. Turn heads with this hair mist’s delicate coconut scent whilst ensuring your hair stays moisturised with the active ingredient panthenol (also known as Vitamin B-5 and can occur organically or be produced from plant sources) that will keep your hair soft and smooth.  

Feel as the weight comes off your shoulders with your free-flowing beach locks knowing that the 150ml Vintage Beach Sea Salt Hair Mist bottle is made from 50% recycled plastic. It’s no wonder essence’s motto is “…essence cares…”. To support the protection of the oceans and the gorgeous beaches we cannot wait to return to, essence is again joining forces with Plastics for Change to eliminate plastic recklessly discarded into the ocean on the coast of Mangalore, India. With this powerful partnership, the creation of recyclates are encouraged i.e. repurposed plastic that can return to the production cycle and made into new packaging material thus reducing the burden on the environment and the amount of plastic that ends up in our beautiful oceans. For more information on this amazing partnership, go to

Shine Last & Go! Gel Nail Polish 33 | R34.95 

Take the winter drab away and give your nails a healthy boost with the Vintage Beach Shine Last & Go! Gel Nail Polish. It’s the same trusted, long-lasting formula with maximum shine to give your nails a vibrant touch. Tip: best paired with the Vintage Beach Golden Nail Stickers to add a special, summer feel to your nails. 

Nail Stickers | R38.95 

Tie your beach day together with summer-themed golden nail stickers from the essence Vintage Beach Trend Edition collection.  Think small shells, cute hearts, suns, and all things summer. You will be spoilt for choice with over 50 different designs so get creative and let the fun, summer days begin! 

Get beach-ready, retro style, with the new essence Vintage Beach Trend Edition collection. With soft, dewy summer hues and warm tones, look like you’ve just stepped off the beach wherever you go. Take summer to the office, out in the street or to the beach. Giving you a natural, vibrant look whilst still caring for your skin and the environment, you won’t want to miss out on this blissful collection – exclusive to Dis-Chem Retail Pharmacies, nationwide! 

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