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June 12, 2020
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June 29, 2020

Our New ViroClean Hand Sanitizers

Hand Sanitizer- the two words you have probably heard a lot about in the past few months. Basically, hand sanitizers have become liquid gold amid the Coronavirus outbreak and it’s important to have hand sanitizers as part of your hand-hygiene routine.

Introducing our new hand sanitizer range- ViroClean- advanced hand sanitizer.

Tell me more, Tell me more…

ViroClean contains 70% alcohol which is effective in getting rid of germs and bacteria. Health officials recommend at least 60%- so with ViroClean- you know that you have that added protection against germs and peace of mind.

ViroClean is cruelty-free, fast drying and non-sticky which is what you want and need in a hand sanitizer. No one likes that sticky residue on their hands that some hand sanitizers leave behind. ViroClean also has no fragrances so it won’t cause skin irritation and it contains glycerin which is used as a moisturiser to treat and prevent dry, itchy skin which can be caused by hand sanitizers.

The spray bottles make it super convenient to use anytime and anywhere. It’s great to just whip out your hand sanitizer from your pocket or handbag and spray surfaces and your hands.

Local Is Lekker

Our ViroClean hand sanitizers are locally manufactured which is important during this crisis as we need to support local brands.

Handy Hand Sanitizers

ViroClean is affordable and available in 3 sizes to suit your needs. A bulk size is available to refill smaller bottles and our small 50ml bottle is super handy and perfect to keep in your handbag, pocket, car, etc. – especially when going out. We’ll be using hand sanitizers constantly, on a daily basis so these sizes can be suited to your lifestyle. Keep it around your house, at your workplace and everywhere you go so that you’ll always be able to quickly freshen up your hands and keep them squeaky clean.

Our advanced hand sanitizer product range includes:

  • Handbag size- 50ml for R29.99
  • Spritz Spray- 200ml for R39.99
  • Bulk Size -1L for R99.99

ViroClean is offering FREE delivery for all orders over R300. So you know what to do- shop online from the comfort of your home and remember our safety and the safety of others is in our hands. Stay safe and sanitized.

ViroClean Promotion

Buy 3 x 50ml’s Viroclean Hand Sanitizers and ONLY PAY FOR TWO online on House of Cosmetics: 

Use the promo code: VIRO-3FOR2 upon checkout to redeem this offer

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