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August 7, 2018
Essence #TeamFlawless Launch
October 5, 2018

What’s The Deal With Essence’s New Foundations?

essence is passionate about every woman finding their confidence, and when it comes to make-up, that means knowing that there are products that enhance and celebrate exactly who you are. You shouldn’t have to adapt to fit; your make-up should! That’s why essence has developed a range of products that are as adaptable as they are affordable.

#InstaPerfect R99.95

Does your foundation make you feel #InstaReady? essence’s #InstaPerfect make-up comes in practical drop-packaging that ensures a matte and flawless complexion. The liquid texture is waterproof, and the coverage is buildable drop-by-drop. Nine different shades can be mixed and matched to create the perfect colour for any skin types – guaranteed to make all girls look and feel #InstaPerfect. This flawless product is available exclusively at Foschini stores until mid-October thereafter it will be in all retailers.

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Soft touch mousse R79.95

Our soft touch mousse make-up is dermatologically tested and as light as air, perfect for achieving a more natural day-to-day look. The mousse is perfect for combination skin and leaves you with a fresh and matte finish.

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Make-up drops – lightening or darkening R64.95

Let’s be real – it’s hard finding a foundation that matches your skin tone exactly. That’s why essence has created every woman’s new best friend: Lightening or Darkening Make-Up drops. These highly pigmented drops help you individualize your essence make-up shade. Keep mixing the drops into your daily make-up amount to lighten or darken it until you’re satisfied with the shade, then apply.

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No more buying countless products in an attempt to find your fit, only to return them or leave them unused in your drawer – now you can create your perfect fit.

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