April 13, 2021

essence is pink and proud!

Forget wearing pink on Wednesday’s only – we’re about to be wearing pink everyday! essence is launching their new #pinkandproud campaign, aimed at promoting greater acceptance and tackles bullying. Pink being essence’s signature colour is more than just that – it also stands for pride, diversity, passion and BIG dreams! essence understands the challenges that younger people are facing these days – and how easy it is to be caught up in a comparison game on social media. essence wants to emphasize the importance of individuality and self-acceptance via the #pinkandproud campaign.  

The products in the #pinkandproud range are aimed at encouraging self celebration and individuality through makeup and styling. Ready to get your PINK on?  


#pinkandproud NOT SORRY glitter lipstick 01| R63.95  

Pink is essence’s colour of choice – and this product is going for a little bit extra on the lips! The highly pigmented lipstick offers a metallic finish with glitter particles and a high coverage.  

It is also long-lasting, feels pleasant on the lips and makes a statement. But one thing’s for sure: no matter where or what – with a proud attitude and thanks to the lipstick, everyone will be able to hear what you’re saying! 


#pinkandproud You Are Unstoppable! Scrunchie & Hairclips 01 | R99.95 

The #pinkandproud range wants you to be able to have fun and play with your looks while you try out new makeup looks and hairstyles.  

One thing is for sure: a “Good Hair Day” also instantly creates a more confident appearance. The essence pink scrunchie in a matt satin look and the two pink hair clips with a marble look are absolute IT pieces and are sure to make every hair style unique! 


#pinkandproud Be Brave. And Never Regret! Nail polish | R52.95 

With this semi-matt, high coverage nail polish, essence wants you to be yourself all the way down to your fingertips!  

The intense, bright neon pink is not only the icing on the cake for every look, but an absolute empowerment booster. It stands for courage, embodies self-confidence and shouts out to the whole world: “Here I am – and I’m just getting started!” 


#pinkandproud Stronger Than Yesterday! Soapy Brow Styler | R87.95 

For brows that stand out and make a strong statement! With the STRONG soapy brow styler, any brow look is possible – from naturally subtle to bushy.  

The soapy, transparent texture is ideal for styling the brows and setting them in place. Simply moisten the included mini brow brush with a hydrating or fixing mist, capture some of the product and shape the brows in your desired style. 


#pinkandproud WONDERFUL Baked Believe In Yourself Blushlighter | R107.95 

Just be yourself – everyone else is already taken. We are all beautiful – inside and out – and essence would like to celebrate and emphasize this beauty. The baked blushlighter unites blush and highlighter in one. The super soft, baked texture contains light-reflecting pigments that combine a pink touch of colour with a unique glow. Oh, it’s WONDERFUL! 


#pinkandproud OUTSTANDING! Body Highlighter Spray | R87.95 

The gentle scent of peach, a subtle glow – and a great effect! The OUTSTANDING body highlighter spray reflects your inner strength with delicate, shimmering pigments.  

It creates an extraordinary glow on the body and is the ultimate must-have for shimmering spring looks and a gorgeous summer complexion. 


#pinkandproud POWERFUL Lash Princess Curl & Volume Mascara | R87.95 

Your eyes say more than 1000 words! Interest, attention, affection – it’s all in the eyes. The POWERFUL lash princess curl & volume mascara creates the perfect backdrop for this. It gives the lashes a deep black colour and provides them with dense volume and a unique curl. Whether for a first date or an important lecture – with this mascara, power lashes and a confident look are guaranteed. 

Ready to get your #pinkandproud on? So are we! The #pinkandproud range will be available exclusively in Dis-Chem stores.

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